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Poets and Translators:

Aeronwy Thomas  
Arbindu Chakroborty  
Bishnupada Ray 
Caroline Gill  
David Gill  
Ekok Soubir  
Hasan Sabbir
Hassanal Abdullah  
Humayun Azad 
Izfandior Arión  
Jean Salkilld 
Lynn Hopkins  
Mahmoud Darwish  
Matin Raihan
Mohammed Ataur Rahman 
Naznin Seamon  
Pallav Bandyopadhaya 
Peter Thabit Jones  
Prabir Das  
Rassel Ahmed  
Nirmal Gope 
Chanchal Mahmud  
Rizwanul Islam Rudra  
Sabbyasachi Hazra  
Sonali Begum  
Stanley H. Barkan  
Subhas Robidas   
Subir Sarkar  
Syed Mohammad Masuk
Uday Shankar Durjay  
Urmila Chakraborty

Letters to the Editor:
Nirmalendu Goon
Prabir Das
Subhas Robidas
Sheikh Dinar
Mojaffor Hossain
Pallav Bandyopadhaya
Sheik Kamrul Hasan
Munib Rezwan
Urmila Chakraborty
Afroza Alam
Syed Mahbub Oli
Faruk Afindi
D. H. Melhem
Miah Chakraborty
Surya Kiran Das

Cover Art:

Ekok Soubir

Shabdaguchha Title: Issue 54

    Six Welsh Poets
    Plus Humayun Azad, Mahmoud Darwish, Stanley H. Barkan and many more...

Shabdaguchha: Issue 51_52
Cover Art by Ekok Soubir


Anyone who is associated with Shabdaguchha or reads the magazine at least once should know that our main goal is to present contemporary poetry from different parts of the world and offer them to readers who love poetry, whatever and wherever its source. That is to say, we are continually trying to build a bridge between poets of the East and the West, which has never been an easy task, since it needs a tremendous amount of cooperation between poets of different cultural backgrounds. But Shabdaguchha is lucky to have such a friend as Stanley H. Barkan, poet and publisher, who actually makes our mission much smoother. Therefore, I have to give a lot of credit to him for connecting us to Peter Thabit Jones, poet and editor of The Seventh Quarry in Swansea, Wales, who collected the poems by the Welsh poets we are presenting in this issue. Both Stanley and Peter must be credited for gathering the work of these poets. Shabdaguchha is gratefully indebted to them.

This is the first time, we are publishing a 60-page magazine. Until now, the magazine size was 32 or 48 pages; but the huge number of submissions from Bangladesh, India, and many other parts of the world moved us to increase the number of pages. We know that we will have to pay additional printing cost and postage for this, but we will never be obstructed from publishing the finest poetry. Needless to say, as Shabdaguchha is growing, so too are the number of poets who are being published in its pages. It is so thrilling to know that a significant number of young poets who once were first published on Shabdaguchha are now publishing their first books in the upcoming annual Dhaka Book Fair on February, 2012. We congratulate the poets and wish them a happy journey through the thorny field of poetry and want to remind others that Shabdaguchha will always be with the finest group of poets, no matter how old and young they are.

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