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Letters to the Editor in English

To the Editor

Dear Hassanal: 
Thank you for your kind gift of the latest Shabdaguchha. Congratulations 
on all your good work with the magazine, and the valuable translations. 
Have a good summer. 
Best wishes. 

D. H. Melhem, New York
04 August, 2011

Dear Sir,
The other day I visited your site and found to my delight that you have
created a platform where people who are not so well known may contribute
and get an exposure. I must thank you for this commendable service.

As regard myself I am working in a private sector. I have some interest 
for writing poems and this is what I want to utilize with the help of 
your platform. 

I request you to kindly let me know about the rules I must follow for 
submission purpose.

Thanking you. Yours Faithfully,
Mahi Chakraborty
18 June, 2011

I want to thank all of you for presenting a wonderful seminar time. 
It was formal and it was casual; it was insightful and enlightening. 
It was the meeting of the brains. It was informative and interesting. 
Thanks for your time. Sincerely,
Faruque Azam, New Jersey
7 July, 2011

Dear Mr. Hassanal Abdullah,
I, Surya Kiran Das, son of Mr. Ashis Kumar Das, am glad to inform you 
that we have received your letter regarding the nomination of
Mr. Ashish Kuman Das for “Shabdaguchha Poetry Award, 2011.”
I am extremely happy and proud of my father’s recognition. 
I do not have any word to express my joy.

I am very happy to see the smile on his face after receiving the 
letter from you. To be very frank after a long struggle, today what 
he has got from Shabdaguchha, it will rejuvenate him and me as well.
I do not know what to say, just waiting for the blessing of God and 
dreaming that it is on his hand.
Thanks & regards,
Surya Kiran Das, Kokata
11 July, 2011

I safely arrived in the wonderful HONGKONG airport. My next trip on 
way to Melbourne will start at 10 a.m.; gate number is 42. 
I had a very good journey from Dhaka. The Dragon Airlines people took 
very good care of me and gave me very good seat; so I could spread my 
long legs comfortably.  Eventhough I was a bit overweight, they did not 
mind at all. They admitted the fact that books carry more weight than all 
other worldly materials.
Wish you keep in touch. Stay well.

Nirmalendu Goon
28 July, 2011

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