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Stanley H. Barkan
Dariusz Tomasz Lebioda
Sultan Catto
Catherine Fletcher
Naznin Seamon
David Lawton
Bishnupada Ray
Ellen Lytle
Richard Jeffry Newman
Roni Adhikari
Dhanonjoy C Saha
Howard Pflanzer
Maki Starfield
Natasha R Clarke
Amirah Al Wassif
John Smelcer
Ekok Soubir
Hassanal Abdullah

A Tribute To

Buddhadeva Bose (1908-1974)

Poetry in Bengali

Hadiul Islam
Suman Dhara Sharma
Mahbub Mitra
Mohammad Jasim

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Naoshi Koriyama
Carolyne Wright
Sultan Catto
Peter Thabit Jones
Samantha Jane
Denise Moyo
Chandan Das
Partha Banerjee
Sulekha Sarkar
Somnath Ray

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Thaira Almayahy Husen

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Najib Tareque

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প্রকাশনার একুশ বছর

edited by: Hassanal Abdullah

    Dariusz Tomasz Lebioda


    Someday we will stand frightened
    as if a bomb went off resembling
    the blind of Breughel–we’ll look for
    a haven to anchor our thoughts’pale
    sails–someday snatched from our
    dreams, we’ll jump out from a window;
    before we fall down, we’ll manage
    to fall asleep and wake up again
    someday, like a hero of the Fifties, we’ll
    begin running away, and time,
    our fake friend, will shoot
    a burst of diamonds right from behind,
    and we’ll fall headlong
    into the ashes.


    Your skull is a bowl where consciousness burns
    where the red fire of sleep smolders—
    you look into dark and see centaurs
    disappearing in the stellar wind.

    You’re the promise of heaven
    the threat of hell.

    You bear within you a child
    and a blood–sucking ancient
    in a Zoroastrian mitre.
    Your destiny is eternity
    though you’ll never experience it.

    Your destiny is death
    though you’ll never touch it.

    Your destiny is being,
    but you don’t exist.

    Your tenderness irks the blind dwarf
    seated on a throne in a silken chasuble.

    Your sensibility allays the anger
    of the crystal unicorn.

    You peer into the dark and ice
    the golden face of the pharaoh
    the terracotta army of the first emperor.
    Aldrin’s white space suits
    and totems of ebony golden trays
    and Hadrian’s denarii.

    You see Mary Stuart’s head tumble
    watch sand-covering caravan routes and dead cities,
    you look at the stars and become a student of the universe
    hang your head, turn to a tear on the cheek of a faun.

    Before you are many roads to mislead you
    many lost moments, too.

    Behind you the first day, the first night,
    before you the last dream.


    Here is the skull of a man
    a cold casket of empty
    eye sockets.

    It outlasted the duration
    of the Thirty Years’ War.

    Dreamt in it were storms
    in the town of Ulm.

    Heard in it were the words of God,
    quid vitae sectobar iter.

    Contained in it was an image
    of the one who thought.

    and a deaf universe
    and black grease in the mouth.

    Then it lay under the earth
    in an icy tomb

    shrouded in satins of darkness
    more precious than gold.

    Now it is an exhibit
    in a museum of man.

    Anyone can take it into his hands
    anyone can weigh it.

    It doesn’t think,
    so it doesn’t exist.

    A man’s skull
    an empty casket.

    Translated from the Polish by the poet


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