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Poets and Translators:

Stanley H. Barkan
Dariusz Tomasz Lebioda
Sultan Catto
Catherine Fletcher
Naznin Seamon
David Lawton
Bishnupada Ray
Ellen Lytle
Richard Jeffry Newman
Roni Adhikari
Dhanonjoy C Saha
Howard Pflanzer
Maki Starfield
Natasha R Clarke
Amirah Al Wassif
John Smelcer
Ekok Soubir
Hassanal Abdullah

A Tribute To

Buddhadeva Bose (1908-1974)

Poetry in Bengali

Hadiul Islam
Suman Dhara Sharma
Mahbub Mitra
Mohammad Jasim

Letters to the Editor

Naoshi Koriyama
Carolyne Wright
Sultan Catto
Peter Thabit Jones
Samantha Jane
Denise Moyo
Chandan Das
Partha Banerjee
Sulekha Sarkar
Somnath Ray

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Thaira Almayahy Husen

New Logo:

Najib Tareque

Celebrating 21 Years of Publication
প্রকাশনার একুশ বছর

edited by: Hassanal Abdullah

    John Smelcer


    Raven wanted to learn patience.

    So he sat amid stones
    on a mountain
    for a thousand years—

    neither he nor the stones
    saying a word.

    ("Zen Raven" in Ahtna)

    Saghani Ggaay den ghaetl’.

    Xa’ dii daa yae’ ts’es
    dghelaay ts’en’
    c’etiy xay—
    Saghani Ggaay ‘eł ts’es
    kole ghaas.


    Back when Raven was a person in mythic times
    all rivers ran both ways:

    upriver and downriver.

    Raven decided that life was too easy for people,
    so he made rivers flow only one way.

    All the following days were toil.


    ("A Minor Correction" in Ahtna)

    Saghani Ggaay ‘eł koht’aene ghile’ yenida’a
    ‘eł ‘Atna’tu len nadaeggi xuyae’:

    nae’ ‘eł daa’.

    Saghani Ggaay yaa naa tae gha denaey,
    xa’ yen tsii ‘Atna’tu len yaen’ ts’iłghu.

    Dzaenta ‘udii ukesdez’taet yihk’ets’en.


    Raven watched a caterpillar crawling on a branch.
    It made itself into a cocoon and transformed

    into a beautiful butterfly.

    Raven was jealous for six months.

    ("Raven and Butterfly" in Ahtna)

    Saghani Ggaay gguux dzuuts’i ‘aen uus zucene’.
    Gguux dzuuts’i ggux hwnax tsii ‘eł zdlaen

    kasuundze’ lahts’ibaay.

    Saghani Ggaay lae ts’ae gistaani na’aay.

    [Originally written and then translated from the Ahtna, the severely endangered language from Alaska of which the poet is the only one left who can read and write in the language. Presented here with the original.—editor]


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