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Aleksey Dayen
Maria Mazziotti Gillan
Bishnupada Ray
Gail Goldstein

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Gail Goldstein

An American School

Like droplets of rain at the end of a storm,
they converge daily, one by one
sign in, get their folders.

Originating from a global expanse,
Bangla and Urdu in the morning,
Creole and Tibetan at noon,
Pashto and Mandarin during breaks.
All competing with
Spanish and English dialects.
How about we all learn some
Yiddish phrases today?

Seeking safety and knowledge,
refuge from uncertainty.
How to negotiate new customs—
different faiths, different foods,
different music, different mores.

But the smiles are
the same, the eyes,
large, deep, dark.
We find common ground
playing games,
watching movies,
sharing snacks,
Dunkin’ Donuts and pizza.

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