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Aleksey Dayen
Maria Mazziotti Gillan
Bishnupada Ray
Gail Goldstein

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Bishnupada Ray


it is a race for how far to go
the signs are self-evident
there is no need to stop and ask
here the sky joins the rat race
its blue skyline races
towards the jagged lines of hills
that fade into the lines of forests
towards the lines of fields
full of yellow crops
where hunger waking from sleep
consummates into a howl
a cool breeze from the hills
washes the empty hands

a desperate fly in whim
buzzes awhile around the howl
till a sudden banging noise
swat! it falls flat on the plains
no race to hell
and no stop before hell

the path lengthens
before vanishing
into the deep dense forest
of unconscious dreams.

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