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Poets and Translators:

Afzal Moolla 
Beverly Matherne 
Bill Wolak 
Bishnupada Ray 
Carilda Oliver Labra 
Carlos Ernesto Garcia 
Clementine Rabassa 
Cola Franzen 
Daniela Gioseffi  
Enildo A. García 
Francisco Arrivi 
Gregory Rabassa 
Hasan Sabbir 
Hassanal Abdullah 
Isaac Goldemberg 
J. Kates 
Juan Cameron 
Julio Ortega 
Kyung-Nyun Kim Richards 
Luis Alberto Ambroggio 
Mansur Aziz 
Maria Bennett 
Maria Jacketti 
Mehedi Hassan 
Munib Rezwan 
Nazmul Hasan 
Naznin Seamon 
Neisser Moreno 
Pablo Neruda 
Prabir Das 
Rassel Ahmed
Reza Noor 
Robiul Manik 
Saptadeep Basu 
Seema Gupta 
Stanley H. Barkan 
Stephen A. Sadow 
Vinicius de Moraes 
William Wright Harris

Letters to the Editor:
Abu Hasan Shahriar
Belal Beg
Beverly Matherne
Caroline Gill
Clarisse Dugas
Darrell Bourque
Kamal Choudhury
Mansur Aziz
Nirmalendu Goon
Pallav Bandyopaghayay
Pooja Sanyal
Rokon Talukder
Sailendra Nath Bhattacharjee
Siddique Rahman
Stanley H. Barkan
Steven Diaz
Subhas Robidas
Swapon Mazi
Tabrish Sarkar

Cover Art:

Clare Saviola

Shabdaguchha Title: Issue 58

    Nine Latin American Poets

    An Interview with Gregory Rabassa

    A House on the Green
    And Many More...

Shabdaguchha: Issue 55_56
Cover Art by Clare Saviola


Shabdaguchha is thrilled to present a group of Latin American Poets in this issue. Needless to mention that over the past century, poets of this region have been of great focus to world readers. Many poets of the world are also influenced by such a giant figure as Pablo Neruda. We are happy to start this issue with his poems. Though we regret we could not present Octavia Paz and Nicanor Parra for not having the translation rights, the nine poets presented here are still a significant representation.
The interview with Gregory Rabassa is also an important addition that we managed to include with the help of Stanley H. Barkan and Maria Bennett. Rabassa has been translating Latin American Literatures for more than half a century which are widely appreciated throughout the world. The American PEN and ALTA offer translation awards to translators in his name, the PEN Rabassa Award and the ALTA Translation Award. Shabdaguchha is privileged to have him as a good friend and well wisher of the magazine since the beginning of its publication. And it is a rare opportunity for the readers to have a full-length interview of his life-long experience.

As always, each issue of the magazine presents emerging poets of Bengal and elsewhere from different parts of the world. The process is continued in this issue. Blending poets from East and West is always our main mission, and we are happy to announce that we have been maintaining this for more than a decade. The next issue of the magazine will be the fifteen-year anniversary issue. We are going to celebrate our achievement in Dhaka, Kolkata, and New York with poetry festivals and literary activities including the large number of contributors who have participated to enrich our mission these past fifteen years.
Thanks to Cross-Cultural Communications for making this particular issue a book format and for putting it on the various bookshelves of stores and libraries nationally and internationally, which, in turn, will definitely boost our hard work and dedication.

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