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Issue 41/42 : July - December, 2008 : Volume 11 No 1/2

A Selection From the 14th Alternative New Year's Day Poetry Reading, 2008

This issue features a selection of poems that were read on January 1, 2008 at the Alternative New Year's Day Spoken Word/Performance Extravaganza. This fifteen-year running event celebrates the work of writers (mostly poets) who live in the New York/ New Jersey/Connecticut area. Each participant is called to perform their work for three minutes over the course of ten hours. The Alternative aims to include poets of every possible stripe, and to reveal what is going on currently in the local poetry scene. The event currently centers around a theme dealing either with light or darkness (in alternative years). In 2008 the theme was Futurus Lux. The event also includes an open, which provides the opportunity for everyone to participate. Over 150 performers get up on the stage on New Year's Day. Since 2004 the Alternative has been held at the Bowery Poetry Club in Manhattan (on the Bowery just north of Houston). This special selection reveals the rich diversity of styles and voices that are heard at the event, and I would like to thank Hassanal Abdullah, editor of Shabdaguchha, for making this a reality.

Bruce Weber
Founder and Organizer

Shabdaguchha, an International Bilingual Poetry Journal, edited by Hassanal Abdullah