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Poets and Translators:

Hassanal Abdullah, Sinan Anton, Stanley H. Barkan, Jyotirmoy Datta, Joan Digby, John Digby, Adriana Florentino, Norbert Góra, Hussein Habasch, Eduard Harents, Mohammdad Nurul Huda, Svetlana Ischenko, Lee Kuei-Shien, Dariusz Tomasz Lebioda, Syeda Anika Mansur, Seth Michelson, Stanley Moss, Amir Or, M. Harunur Rashid, Bishnupada Ray, Adam Szyper, Harout Vartanian , Carolyne Wright , Mohammad Zaman, Teodozia Zarivna, Danuta Zasada, Muna Zinati, Norddine Zouitni

Poetry in Bengali

Shankha Ghosh (1932 – 2021) Faruque Azam, Chandan Das, Sajal Dey, Naznin Seamon

Book Reivew

Piotr Chrzczonowicz, Bill Wolak

Letters to the Editor

John DeAngelo, Alicia Ostriker, Bishnupada Ray, Teodozia Zarivna, Danuta Zasada

Cover Photo:

Katarzyna Georgiou


Najib Tareque

Celebrating 23 Years of Publication
প্রকাশনার তেইশ বছর

Shabdaguchha: Issue 81/82
Cover Photo: Katarzyna Georgiou

    Amir Or


    Years have passed, he has a family,
    a boy and a girl have grown up almost unnoticed—
    when his friend’s belly swelled, he married her
    under the wedding canopy, as decreed.
    His hair has already turned gray,
    and he has a permanent post in the office;
    it’s not that bad to live without love
    (he has a car, and more importantly—good health).
    His secretary, Amity, suffices for this—
    breaking daily routine with easy sex;
    he empties his emptiness into hers,
    passes his days pleasantly enough.
    The hourglass is growing empty,
    and what’s left? To eat and drink.

    Translated from the Hebrew by Seth Michelson


Shabdaguchha: Issue 81_82

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