The International Poetry Journal in Bengali and English

Issue 32/33
Apr-Sept '06

Letters to the Editor

Dear Hassanal Bhai:

I was reading PUNORAY KONO EK NOKHSHOTRO*. Somehow, I managed to get the Shabdaguchha from Al Mahmud and you know he is always miserable about his collection.
I've never seen a poet writing anything about his fourth dimensional experience before as you put it here. It is also a new experience for me as a reader. I loved the way you developed it like a growing tree as its branches are almost all the faculties we know so far as they are involved in the process of developing and destroying the civilization. Yet it still seemed to me a mysterious romantic poem. I wish I could read the entire poetry; I don't know how to get it . . .

Sincerely yours

Mahbub Akhand, Dhaka
March 3, 2006

Dear Hassanal:

I really enjoyed last night's program**. The young girls who sing the national anthems of America and Bangladesh always warm my heart, as an American and someone whose forebears came from another place.
To repeat myself, it emblemizes the way Bengalis, the new immigrants, are mixing in to the mix that is America while still maintaining the culture from which they spring.
I have never been for the Melting Pot concept of America, where everyone merges into a sludge of similitude; instead, where all the differences share with the similarities and, together, make for a rich assemblage of Humanity . . .

Stanley H. Barkan, Merrick, NY
March 26, 2006

* An epic poem by Hassanal Abdullah. It is scheduled to be published February 2007 with a different title, Nokhshotro O Manusher Prochhad.
** The 35th Independence Day celebration of Bangladesh, celebrated by Nirmul Committee, US chapter, of which Hassanal Abdullah is the general secretary.

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