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Afzal Moolla  
Alan Garfoot
Anisur Rahman Apu
Baitullah Quaderee
Bill Wolak
Biswajit Monda
Dilara Hafez
Frank Stewart
Germain Droofenbroodt
Greeg Dotoli
Ray Herndon Smith
Hassanal Abdullah
Howard Scott
Jalal El Hakmaoui
Jidi Majia 
Joan Digby
John Digby
Jyotirmoy Datta
Maria Bennett
Naoshi Koriyama
Naznin Seamon
Rehanul Hoque
Rahul Roychowdhury
Richard Berengarten
Roni Adhikari
Rukui Chen
Stanley  H. Barkan
Tanvir Ahmed Rhidoy
Tomasz Marek Sobieraj
Zhang Hu

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Erick Villalona

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Najib Tareque

Shabdaguchha Title: Issue 70

    Joan Digby


    Between what is and what was
    stands the Continental Divide

    In times past I was known
    among tennis partners
    as “the backboard”
    for my return of every shot

    Now the crumbling of my macular
    makes each dim ball aimed
    in my direction an invisible mystery
    shot through a tunnel of darkness

    And so I quit and seek another pleasure—

    walking with Snowball my aged pony
    who shares the gulf between what was
    and what is. We both remember
    when he could roll from side to side
    stretching his muscular legs to the sky

    Now he is satisfied to roll in one direction
    slowly and easily with me tethered to his side

    We are one in our gentle decline
    crossing that Continental Divide
    testing our limits knowing our safety
    and love lies in each other’s care


    Next to my handbag,
    plucked for a rifle
    by airport security,
    was a white box
    containing human eyes.

    Its forbidding neon label:
    had the effect of a
    powerful negative charge
    repelling all who approached.

    “Forget the X-ray,”
    I wanted to shout.

    “Forget the rubble heap
    of batteries and pens
    wallets, keys, papers and pills.

    Here is Tiresias—
    come to pass his dark scrutiny
    on a new pollution,
    and among the clutter
    of human disorder
    concealed by
    travelers at crossroads,
    He will find truth.”

    Oyster Bay, New York

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