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A Tribute to Robert Dunn
Sept '08

    A Tribute from Shabdaguchha
    A Tribute from Cross-Cultural Communications

Everybody loves me now I'm dead.
My books have never been so widely read.
My admirers have never been so widespread.
Everybody loves me now I'm dead.

I pounded pavement for nigh on thirty years,
Collecting rejection slips, back-kicks, and sneers.
They're writing exposes on me, and doctoral analyses.
     -- Robert Dunn

    A Tribute to Robert Dunn     
    Robert Dunn (1959 - 2008)

He was truly one of those rarities--a poet who was not just for himself.
We will miss his fine wit, his high level of integrity, and his genuine friendship.
     -- Stanley H. Barkan

A poet less is a wrold less bright.
     -- Syed Shamsul Haq

The poetry scene will never be the same without him.
     -- D. H. Melhem

We are deeply shocked by the news of the death of this fine
man who was a long time friend of Shabdaguchha family.
We promise to keep his memory alive in the world of poetry.
     --Hassanal Abdullah

    When I was a kid, my
    Mother told me the sky
    Was the limit when it came to my career.
    She meant, "Be a C.P.A.,
    A surgeon or a croupier."
    Bet she'd have a cow if she knew
      how I now earn my beer.
         -- Robert Dunn

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