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Issue 41/42 : July - December, 2008 : Volume 11 No 1/2

Hal Sirowitz

The Rain Weakens

I can't hear the rain, father said,
because you're talking too loud.
Not that the rain has anything
to say which I don't know.
I get enough 'pitter patter'
from your mother. That's
why I enjoy listening
to the rain. Unlike her, it stops.

Those Eyebrows

I was attracted to you
the first time I saw you,
she said, especially
your eyebrows. I
whispered to my friend,
'Doesn't that guy have
the sexiest eyebrows?'
She said her boyfriend
had sexier ones. But
she's prejudiced. What
does it matter what she
thinks? What matters is
what you and I think.
We're the players.
She's just the audience.

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Shabdaguchha, an International Bilingual Poetry Journal, edited by Hassanal Abdullah