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Yoon-Ho Cho, born in 1938 in South Korea, is the author of five poetry books. Currently, he is the editor of Korean Expatriate Literature and the ex-officio president of the Korean Expatriate Literary Association. An active member of the American PEN Center. He lives in California.

Rachel S. Rhee, born in 1978 in South Korea, she received the Korean Expatriate Literature Translation Award in 2000. A graduate of the University of Chicago with a B.A. in English Literature and an M.A. in Clinical Counseling at Eastern University, she is now a full-time therapist in Illinois.

Meesoon Bae, born in 1947 in South Korea, is a poet, the staff editor of Korean Expatriate Literature, and the publishing editor of Joong-Ang Daily Newspaper. She received many awards such as Yeowon Woman Writers Award(Korea 1970), Public Library Editors Choice Award (1993-94), Korean Expatriate Grand Prize (2006), and Korean Literature Society of America Grand prize(2007), etc.

Rev. Jacob Kim is the pastor at Full Life Christian Fellowship Church. He graduated from Seoul National University in Korea with BA degree in Philosophy. He graduated form North Park Theological Seminary. He is currently the editor of Our Daily Bread.

Tina L. Sallee is a professional translator in Florida. She translates Korean literary work into English. She has translated five Korean novels into English, which includes One Human Family and Other Stories, A Sketch of the Fading Sun, etc.

Chung-Woong Bae, born in 1938 in South Korea, is the author of five poetry books including Birds couldn’t Sing in Peru. He is the winner of Korean Expatriate Literature Grand Prize. Currently, he is the president of Gasan Literature Award, and the chief editor of Miju Poetry & Poetics.

Ok-Bae Kim, born in 1938 in South Korea, she has BA degree in Korean Literature from Ehwa Women’s University(Korea). She is the winner of New poet award from Segi Literature(Korea) and the winner of Korean Expatriate Literature Grand Prize in 2009. She published poetry collections: Rivers of Sweet Memories, Love Story, and The Most Beautiful Thing in the World, etc.

Irene S. Yoon, a poet-translator and staff editor of Korean Expatriate Literature, she has a B.A. in English Literature from Ewha Women’s University (Korea) and an M.A. in TESOL from Fairleigh Dickinson University. A winner of the Korean Expatriate Literature Translation Award in 2008, she translates English and Korean poems bilingually.

Chang Yoon Lee, born in 1940 in South Korea, is a winner of Korean Expatriate Literature Grand Prize in 2004. He published three poetry collections: The Seashore of the Leaves, River Runs through from Afar, and Writing Letters of Spring again. He is an obstetrician gynecologist, professor at Michigan State University Medical School.

Andy Kim: He graduated from Kyung Hee University in Seoul, Korea with BA in English Language and Literature. He is currently a professional translator and president of Young English Institute.

Hye-shin Lim: Born and raised in South Korea. Received BA degree from the ChungBuk University (Korea). She earned BS degree from the University of Florida. She published a poetry book: The Forest of Illusion, 2001, and a collection of literary essays: Contemporary American Poetry, 2005. She lives in Florida.

Hassanal Abdullah introduced Swatantra Sonnets with seven-seven stanza and abcdabc efgdefg rhyming scheme. Mr. Abdullah, an author of 21 books in various genres, also wrote an epic in which he searched for the relation between human beings and various aspects of the Universe. He is a New York City High School Math teacher.

Jyotirmoy Datta Poet and essayist and a significant critic of the Bengali literature. He worked for The Statesman, Kolkata's oldest English-language daily, as a feature writer, correspondent, and associate editor. He visited the University of Chicago as a lecturer, 1966-1968, and also did a residency at the University of Iowa. He has published 2 collections of poetry and his Collected Short Sotries. Mr. Datta lives in New Jersey.

Naznin Seamon is a graduate student of English literature at Queens College of CUNY. Her first book of poetry, Adigonta Bistirnoter Dhala (Hollowness in the Horizon), published in February, 2000 and was reprinted in 2004. Her second book, Prototo Raktakto Chitker (2008), a collection of short stories, was published by Ananya. In February 2011, her third book, a collection of poetry, was published by Shabdaguchha Press. She is the recipient of the Shabdaguchha Poetry Award 2007.

Rassel Ahmed is a poet of the first decade of the 21st century. He is a student of Dhaka College. Rassel is the nominee of the Shabdaguchha Poetry Award 2011.

Maria Bennett teaches creative writing at Hostos Community College of the City University of New York, where she has been an Assistant Professor of English for twenty-seven years. She has published one book of poetry entitled Because You Love.

Kalikrishna Guha is a Bengali poet and critic. His Selected Poems was published recently from West Bengal, India, which was translated by Gobindachandra Ghosh. Kotokaler Jharbrishti is his latest collection of poetry.

Sardar Faruque is a poet of the 80’s and a physician. He finished his post graduate diploma in family medicine from USTC and now practicing in Dhaka. He is involved in various poetry related activities.

Suman Dhara Sharma is a poet from Kolkata. He is the author of one collection of poetry, Shitaatapniyontrito, published in 2011.

Munib Rezwan lives in Germany. He is a poet and a poetry reciter who recently got involved in translating Bengali poetry into English.

Prang Basak, a Bengali poet, lives in New Delhi.

Kawsary Malek Rosy is a physician. She is the author of one collection of poetry. She lives in Pennsylvania.

Robiul Manik works for the garments sector as an assistant general manager in production. He has recently been writing sonnets in the Swatantra Sonnet form. He lives in Dhaka.

Shabdaguchha, an International Bilingual Poetry Journal, edited by Hassanal Abdullah