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Shabdaguchha Poetry Award 2003

The winner of the Shabdaguchha Poetry Award 2003 is Baitullah Quaderee. On the eve of the Bangladeshi Victory Day, 16th December, the poet, renowned publisher and the editorial advisor of Shabdaguchha Stanley H. Barkan announced the name of the winner in a gathering at the magazine's office. Right before the announcement, the editor, Hassan Al Abdullah, said a few words about the nominees, Baitullah Quaderee(Dhaka), Shamim Reza(Dhaka), Probir Das(Kolkatta), Purnima Ray(Kolkatta) and Naznin Seamon(New Yrok).
Mr. Quaderee regularly contributes to the magazine. He is one of the finest postmodern Bengali poets. He already managed to set a new voice and tone. Shitavo Sonnet and Annaya and Trinechikatar Nach are the two recent collections of his poetry. He teaches Bengali Literature at the University of Dhaka.

The Shabdaguchha Poetry Award was stablished in 2001 and Ruksana Rupa was the winner of the year. A poet is recognized by the magazine every two years. In order to be a nominee, the poet must be published in Shabdaguchha. Any reader or a writer or a literary organization could send the nomination by e-mail or by postal mails. This year the winner will receive 6000 taka (Bangladeshi currency), and a crest. Shabdaguchha will also publish a book of the poet. The amount will be 10000 for the next year.

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