The International Poetry Journal in Bengali

Translated Poetry
9th Issue
July-Sept 2000

From Barishal to Briarwood:
Bengali Poetry in English

Ruksana Rupa (1962-)

Walking the Floating Obstacle
A floating obstacle's on the river of my dream.
The kingfisher is cased. Vanished.
The fishing rod is shining. Another
Hiroshima or a Nagasaki
Is on its hook.

The sickening world is in my heart.
A hut. The pouring of rain is in Vadra.
In a filthy night, tearing the cobweb,
Poetry walks silently--
Eats human skeleton.
People, naked and broke,
Also walk,
While crying the half-teenaged time in the back.
The famine of the loss of memory
Walks through the rows of seats in pre-schools.

Translated by Hassanal Abdullah

Vadra: 5th month in Bengali calander.

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