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Issue 41/42 : July - December, 2008 : Volume 11 No 1/2

To The Editor

Dear Hassanal and Stanley:

Although Leigh Harrison had notified me immediately of the tragedy, I was touched to read your respectful recognition of this fine poet and human being. Robertís passing is heartbreaking to me. He has been a wonderful friend, and we shared an enormous respect for each otherís work over many years. The poetry scene will never be the same without him.

In deep sorrow,

D. H. Melhem, NY

Dear Abdullah,

Very sorry to hear about the death of Robert Dunn. Please pass on my condolence to the family. A poet less is a world less bright.

May we be sustained by our love of poetry.

Syed Shamsul Haq, Dhaka

Dear Hassanal:

What a fine friend you are. Itís moving to read of all the ways you seek to memorialize Robert Dunn. I hope to see you, perhaps in November (itís wonderful that youíll be working with Stanley). Iíve been hampered by my foot neuropathy and donít travel around much. The problem is being examined. With very best wishes and deep condolences,

D. H. Melhem, NY

Thank you Hassanal for sharing this sudden sad news. It is good to feel the closeness of community.

Marie Howe

Thanks Hassanal;

I did get two emails regarding Robert's passing. It is truly a shock and very sad news. It was a pleasure to have known him and his work. Best wishes,

Mindy Kronenberg, NY

Oh, so sorry to hear that

Nicholas Birns, NY

I am shocked to receive the news that poet Dunn is no more with us! I pray all the peace for his departed soul, and consolation for his family.

Tushar Gayen, Toronto

oh ! it's a sad news. r u in a position to send a photograph to me. i have palanned to send u some issues of sk by sea mail, give me reminder after a week, so that it will be vivid news 4 us that u r alive.

Kajal Chakroborty, Kolkata

Dear Hassan,

I am profoundly shocked by the news of poet Robert Dunn's untimely demise. I knew him and remember his jest for life. When death silences such voice, they still resonates in the depth of silence. My condolences.

Faruque Azam, NJ

Dear Hassan:

My deepest sympathies and prayers to you on the loss of your friend, Robert. I'm very sorry to hear the news on Robert's passing.
With love,

Frank Sisco, NY

He will be missed. robert was a kind person who made me laugh, he gave me my 1st feature at the Astoria discount bookstore back in March 2004. blessings,

Patricia Carragon, NY

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