Shabdaguchha Submission Guidelines

    একটি ভালো কবিতা যে-ই লিখুন না কেনো তার স্থানশব্দগুচ্ছ।

    Shabdaguchha is always the place for a fine poem, no matter whoever writes it.

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    Submission Guidelines

  • Shabdaguchha accepts submissions throughout the whole year either by e-mail or by postal mail.

  • Poetry and poetry related work such as book reviews, poets' interviews, essays on poetry and poetry related news etc are being encouraged to submit.

  • Originals in English and in Bengali or translations from any languages to English and/or Bengali are welcome.

  • Originals must be included with translations.

  • Word, PDF and JPG files are acceptable as attached mails.

  • A short biography of the poet should be added with every submission. Translators should submit the bio of the original poet as well.

  • Shabdaguchha does not publish any work that is not related to poetry.

  • Bangla written in English alphabet will not be read.

  • Shabdaguchha does not accept previously published work.

  • Your contact information such as mailing address, e-mail address and phone number should be added in the end of every poem/prose.

  • Mail your submission to:

    85-22 85th Street
    Woodhaven, NY 11421, USA

  • Click on the following to submit your work electronically.

    E-mail Submission

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