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Najib Tareque

Celebrating 22 Years of Publication
প্রকাশনার বাইশ বছর

Shabdaguchha: Issue 79/80
Cover Art by Jacek Wysocki

    Sepideh Zamani


    I’ve lived a strange life

    Do not follow me, our paths are not the same
    And this road does not lead you to me
    I have crossed rocky roads
    And their highs and lows, their twists and turns
    You and I are not alike
    We are strangers to one another
    We have existed in mirrored galaxies
    That had only a name in common and nothing more
    And we have never met one another, only our ghosts
    You are not from my homeland
    Go back and look again
    At the path that I have taken
    And my bloody footprints
    On the sharp, jagged rocks on a road of a land
    That did not belong to either of us
    You and I are not alike, do not follow me
    We are thousands of light years apart from one another
    We have existed in (extraterrestrial/mirrored) worlds
    Do not look for me in your motherland
    That which you saw was never me.

    Translated from Farsi by Sage Mosavi


Shabdaguchha: Issue 79_80

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