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Issue 41/42 : July - December, 2008 : Volume 11 No 1/2


Dear Hassanal:

This is a most absorbing issue of Shabdaguchha--very diverse, with your excellent editorial on Obama’s election, the tributes to Robert Dunn, poetry from the Alternate New Year’s Day reading. Congratulations on the Pushcart Prize nomination. ...

D. H. Melhem, NY
Dec 14, 2008

Dear Hassanal:

I'll also send you some new poems if you have an interest. I have a friend from Bangladesh who is now teaching in Iran that I want to send a copy to.

George Sendeker, NY
Dec 14, 2008

Dear Hassanal:

I know that I have a lot of nerve telling you just how busy I am. I can not imagine your schedule and obligations. But I am a very busy guy. I wish I had more time and that my schedule conformed more to your events, but it hasn't, alas.

So I'll say hello for now and tell you that I am very much involved in writing and publishing, along with my normal business activities. I know that before too long we will have opportunity to become reacquainted and begin to continue a friendship.

Stanley Pacion, NY
Dec 15, 2008

PS Have you seen that film My Architect. The documentary ends with a view of your country, and Its democracy.

Hi Hassanal:

Thanks for your support. I'm very much delighted to read some of the writings published in your mag.

Abu Sayeed Obaidullah, Australia
Dec 16, 2008

Dear Hassanal:

I've received the issue of Shabdaguchha. Thanks. It's a pleasure to be included. ... It's very good to see the poem back in print after all these years (It was written in 1970 and first included in a small collection of mine titled Situations in 1971.) During the 70s, I always closed out my readings with it and thought it would be a good poem for the New Year's Day reading since it was fundamentally a performance poem that probably no one there had ever heard. Thanks again for including it. Enjoy the holiday season.

Bob Heman, NY
Dec 17, 2008

Dear Hassanal:

I read the new issue of Shabdaguchha with great interest. I felt that the poems in it were very good. I especially liked the tribute to Robert Dunn and his poems.

Thanks for sending me the extra copy for my friend in Iran.

George Sendeker, NY
Dec 21, 2008

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