The International Poetry Journal in Bengali and English

Issue 37
July-Sept '07





Dr. Stephen Stepanchev has inspired several generations of writers who have taken his creative writing classes from 1949 to 1985 at Queens College. As Professor Emeritus of English, he now spends his time writing and reading poems in public places all across the City, and all the more so with his title as the first Poet Laureate of the borough of Queens, an appellation assigned for the period of 1997 through the year 2000. He has published a major critique of American poetry—American Poetry Since 1945, ten collections of poems, and appears regularly in such venues as The New Yorker and Poetry magazines.

Sambhu Rakshit, one of the finest poets of the fifties, is the author of more than 10 volumes. His Selected Poems is widely read. Mr. Rakshit is the editor of Mohaprithibi, the literal meaning of which is the universe. He lives in a village in West Bengal, India.

Maria Terrone is the Assistant Vice President for Communications, Office of Communications at Queens College. Her second book of poetry, A Secret Room in Fall, won the 2005 McGovern Prize from Ashland Poetry Press and was published in December 2006. Terrone’s work, which has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, has appeared in such magazines as Poetry, The Hudson Review, Crab Orchard Review, Margie, Rhino, Rattapallax, Notre Dame Review, Atlanta Review and Poetry International.

Sujan Bhattacharya contributed his poems to various littlemags throughout West Bengal, India.

Anuradha Mahapatra is a poet from West Bengal. She completed her M.A in Bengali literature at Calcutta University and published 8 books of poetry. She has been published in several anthologies from Oxford University Press, Penguin India, etc. Another Spring Darkness is her selected poems, Published in the United States.

Naznin Seamon is a student of English Literature at Queens College. Her first book of poetry, Adigonta Bistirnoter Dhala (Hollowness in the Horizon), published in February, 2000. Her second book, a collection of short stories, is scheduled to publish in February 2007 from Dhaka by Ananya.

David Mills is the 2007 finalist for the Queens Borough Poet Laureate with four other poets. He regularly reads his poems in various venues around NYC.

Allan David Goldschmidt’s poetry and a sizeable amount of his original artwork has appeared in his two self-published books, OF SUN AND WIND(1994) and WOODWINDS(1996). His graphics have highlighted many of his colleagues' poetry books, as well as on the cover of the magazine KAMBAN POETRY EDGE(1987). Allen lives in Queens.

Anisur Rahman Apu published five books in Bengali including two poetry collections. He regularly contributes to the Bengali based poetry magazines and literary supplements. Apu lives in Queens.

Shampa Sikdar lives in West Bengal, India. She started publishing her work to the local literary journals.

Malay Ghosh edits Elora, a Bengali based littlemag from Shantinikaton, India. His work has appeared in many journals and magazines. Mr. Ghosh teaches in a High School.

Hassanal Abdullah, a Bangladeshi-American poet, is the editor of Shabdaguchha and the author of 13 books including an epic, on the Universe and life in it, recently published from Dhaka. He works for the NYC Department of Education as a High School math teacher. He is the 2007 finalist for the Queens Borough poet laureate.

Mouli Azad is the daughter of the late Humauyn Azad, who was killed in 2004. Mouli lives in Dhaka where she practices law.

Mohammed Ataur Rahman is the author of two book of prose. He is now translating Omar Khayyam into Bengali. Mr. Rahman, the former Principal of Rover Pally College, Gazipur, Bangladesh, now works for the NYC Department of Education.

Zakaria Shirazi is the author of two books of critical essays and a few in translated poetry. He is the assistant editor of the Daily Independent, published from Dhaka. He also translated the Ulysses into Bengali.

Shah Fazle Rabbi, retired professor of Bengali Literature of Victoria College, Commilla, Bangladesh, now lives in Queens. He regularly contributes articles to the Bengali Weeklies published from New York.

Robin Mandal, one of the greatest artists of India, whose works and life have been captured in a book written by Santo Dutta and published by the Delhi Art Gallery. The book is titled "After the Fall: Time, Life and Art of Robin Mondal". It contains his works from 1955 onwards and was recently launched in New Delhi. He formed his own group, Calcutta Painters, in the sixties and also wrote a book, 14 Contemporary Artists of Calcutta, in 1969 to get peoples’ attention in modern painting.

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